Saturday, April 10, 2010

Link Building via Comments, effective way for SEO? or Spamming Activity?

Have you ever try to comments on famous blog or website? of course yes! Have you ever think short and crazy coments could improve your back link? if yes! then you are similar to who i used to be. :)

In fact, so many blogs and website associates rel="nofollow" meta data for robots into links inside comments body and links of author comments. Blogspot and Wordpress, by default add nofollow tag into every comment author links. Why? because, many spammer using mass comments technique to get traffic. I'm sure, you don't wanna be called as spammer.



nofollow attribute will prevent search engine (not all, but most of them) to crawl the links. And that means, Link Building is not the effective way for SEO. Since now, i only add comments only if i think the post is interesting and make sure my comment is related to the post, and of course not short and crazy.

Still doing mass comment(spamming activity?) for SEO? me myself no! (i hate spammer like you do)

Any feedback?

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Awais said...

where should i paste this link in html?

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